martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Carta a Obama desde Honduras


President Obama, we in Honduras, we have a partnership of friendship and solidarity with the government and people of Cuba,we believe a better world is possible.

Do not you think that to ignore the global call heroes release of the 5 Cuban makes it more unhappy in your life? wait no more, release the 5 heroes and get you the world award as honorable and respectful citizen of world peace.

There are millions of people praying and waiting for you take a pencil and call your senior advisor for presidential forgivenessdictate the 5 Cuban heroes who stopped the violence in their country and contributed to the safety of Americans.

I waited until today at 12 pm on May 5th of this, had it not release, I will join more global citizens that we all more pressure on May 5 not forget Mr. President Obama, this black mole on his presidential agenda can stain your full service page for world peace...

Let Mr. Obama ... please sign this waiver and that joy will gesture tothe 5 Cuban homes and send a message of world peace.

a hug

Hector Martínez Motiño

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