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San Francisco actions for the Cuban Five

Monday, Sept. 15, 2014
San Francisco actions for the Cuban Five
Part of worldwide actions for the Cuban Five Heroes--
Cuban poet Nancy Morejón headlines evening forum
Many Bay Area organizations came together on Sept. 12 in San Francisco to honor the Cuban Five and demand their freedom, with a public rally and an evening forum featuring renowned Cuban poet Nancy Morejón.
Every day, the plaza of 24th and Mission streets fills with people coming home from work. At a 5:30 pm rally, speakers and rally participants told the passersby of the Cuban Five's anti-terrorist mission and the fight to free Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio.

In one special moment, Cuban Five Hero Ramón Labañino called by telephone to greet supporters and to speak with Nancy Morejón. Sept. 12 was also the 70th birthday of Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier. Tony Gonzales of American Indian Movement-West told the crowd of Leonard's freedom struggle.
Nancy Morejón dedicated her poetry and prose about the Five.
In the evening, a packed audience heard Michelle Schudel of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five explain their anti-terrorist mission. Coralia Soliz of the FMLN-No. California emceed for the evening. Rosa Peñate of the National Committee sang a poem by Antonio Guerrero. The video made by youth in Cuba, was shown and well received (see below).

Nancy Morejón 
spoke of the courage of the Cuban Five and how much they mean for the Cuban people. She read several of her poems, so lyrical and moving. Afterwards there was a warm exchange with her and the audience, about Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, René and Fernando. The following is just one of her poems for the Five:

La Canción de los Cinco

Esta es la canción de los Cinco.
Esta es su canción. 
La canción del pan fue la primera,
la canción de las aguas, la segunda.
Esta es la canción de los Cinco.
Esta es su canción.
La canción de los vientos, la tercera.
La canción de la luna es la cuarta, la cuarta canción.
Esta es la canción de los Cinco.
Esta es su canción.
La canción de los fuegos, la quinta, la quinta canción.
La canción de los Cinco contemplando a la luna será la mejor. 
Esta es la canción de los Cinco. Esta es su canción. 
Visit ICAP website to see more support for the Cuban Five!
On every continent and region, from Cuba to Latin America to Australia to the United States, events are taking place to demand of the U.S. Government the immediate freedom of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio. In Havana, Sept. 11 and 12, the 10th Colloquium, drew almost 300 delegates from 48 countries, to debate and discuss new plans for the freedom fight of the Five. 

Cuban Five Hero Fernando González spoke to the delegates and in the closing cultural ceremony at the steps of the University of Havana. He explained the campaign of dates Sept. 4 to Oct. 6 are "a period of intense actions for the freedom of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio. After Oct. 6 it is our intention that that intensity will be sustained to bring our comrades back, that that spirit of commitment and struggle be transported by each delegate here in even more impactful and effective events."

Among the special participants were Ramsey Clark and Giustino di Celmo, father of Fabio di Celmo, victim of anti-Cuba terrorism. Antonio Guerrero's latest watercolor exposition of 16 pieces was debuted in Havana, and in Washington during the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban's events, showing the arbitrary and poisoned "trial" that unjustly convicted the Cuban Five. The website of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples has all the latest on the struggle to free the Cuban Five.
Use to educate others!
This is a captivating and informative video made by Cuban youth to tell the story of the Cuban Five in 3 minutes! Send to your lists, share on social media! 


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